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The Norwegian Language, history and details in wikipedia:

Helpful words from Torunn -Levels of learning:
Books for learners of Norwegian:
Level 1, beginners:
a) "Norsk for utlendinger 1" (an excellent book by very experienced teachers, but somewhat outdated and lacking social studies
("knowledge about Norway", samfunnskunnskap - see for instance the free website "Intro":

b) "Ny i Norge", another excellent book, but by some criticized for being too directed towards the non-Western immigrants,

c) "PΠvei", a demanding book, but the choice of most Western immigrants.

Level 2, intermediate:
a) "Nøkler til Norge", the sequel to "Ny i Norge"
b) "Stein på stein", the second book in the series by Ellingsen and Mac Donald.

Level 3, advanced:
a) "Her på berget", the third book in the series by Ellingsen and Mac Donald, with textbook, exercise book, and cds.
b) "Lær mer norsk" (a rather old book, with somewhat poor quality cds,
c) Booklets from the publishers "Fag og kultur": "Liv og levnet", "Kropp og sjel" and "Munn og mæle"
(interesting, but I for one find the booklets a bit unsystematical).

The websites of the two most important publishers are: ("Ny i Norge, "Nøkler til Norge", "Liv og levnet") ("På vei", "Stein på stein", "Her på berget")

Good luck! Torunn

Language questions answered: - Language training software. - world languages... software,
publications, etc.... look up Norwegian.

Exercises at: - beginner's exercises from book "På Vei" - intermediate exercises from book "Stein på Stein" - Introduction to the Norwegian society - supplementary beginner's exercises 'Her På Berget' exercises by chapter. -Brief history of the Norwegian language - Per Hegge's daily column on language - Read the question of the day.

Enrollments in Languages Other Than English in United States Institutions of Higher Education,
Fall 2006, from the Modern Language Association: Type Norwegian in 'Search'.

Nordic Language council project..........Scandinavian languages,

Artikkel om forandringer i norsk språk under året 2006:

Phonetic perspective sk & kj:

An introduction to the basics of Norwegian:

ONE Minute Languages: -
Scroll down for ten video Norwegian lessons. - Play audio for Norwegian Made Easy (Eng)- links for learning English -
kj- og sj? f.eks. kjøkken/kiosk/kylling mot sju/skyte/skeiv??
article about the present day falling together of these two sounds - Norske språklyder. Click on vowels or consonants in the chart to hear their sounds. - Norske sprÔklyder. Descriptions of vowels and diphthongs. - (Eng)
Short page on pronunciation of vowels.

Norsk fonetikk for utlendinger - (Book), by Strandskogen, ªse-Berit; 3
(Norwegian Phonetics for Foreigners)
sources: type in 'norsk fonetikk' - see offerings with
books, cds, cassettes.

Norsk fonetikk etc found her, plus books, workbooks, cd's.

Folkspraak - a 'new' language, combining all Germanic languages:

Norsk school on the Nett: Learn grammar, reading comprehension, literature, learning resources,
writing rules, and more:

Language community, worldwide for people interested in language: - Forum with
discussions about Norwegian, including phrases, questions and answers. - About Norwegian (Eng)

Nordic Languages: 'Scandinavian semicommunication" and more recently Øyvind Maurud (1976).
By the way, his graphics representing how well users of each language understand each other are quite good -- page 12
-- even if one can't read the whole report.
You can download it here: report is in Swedish.)

The Nordic Language Council issued a number of helpful publications (and up to this summer,
an online dictionary) about Nordisk språkforståelse, for example "Att fšrstå varandra i Norden" -- available free at:
You can also compare texts in the Nordic Languages and compare pronunciations at:

Chart of Old Norse Language:


Rules for comma uses:

On the use of prepositions:

Preposition exercise:

Norsk språklydlære med øvelser: Sammenligninger med engelsk, tysk og
fransk. Ingebjørg Skaug. Cappelen Akademisk Forlag, 1996. pp. 224
ISBN 82-456-0178-0. Nkr 248.
Louis Janus' review is available at - scroll down.

Two books that give good summaries of the differences and similarities between Norwegian and Swedish. "Svenska fšr norrmŠn",
available at:
"Lærebok i norsk for svensker", available at:

sounds of vowels and consonants at Norskklassen's page: - book, Norden
SprÔk - med RÀtter og FÀtter - A look at all the Nordic languages, history
and present. Read the book here: Language resources. - Listen to the same passage read in various dialects. Click 'kart', click a region,
then select the mp3 file to hear that regions dialect. - Interactive tool for learning to recognize dialects; Bokmål or Nynorsk. - Norske dialekter; - Trøndersk dialekt. The Northern Norwegian dialects share a common
musical intonation, different from the southern dialects of Norway.

(in English) Norwegian dialects:

HEIMFESTING: heimfesting -- determining where a person is from by his/her dialect.
Here is one site that explains how to determine where one is from:

Something interesting to play with, just float your mouse over the word (don't click it) & it pronounces the word in the Stavanger dialect:

Norwegian sounds by watching your
mouth in the mirror, and follow the suggestions at:

the use of De and du is found at
-- by Per Egil Hegge - (Eng) Norword. Download previous lessons.

Eurotalk has Talk Now, Talk More, Talk the talk, World Talk, Talk Business: CD's from beginners to advanced: Five lessons for beginners - (Eng) NorTana (Norwegian Teachers Assn). Rules of grammar.
Word order, nouns, verbs, tense, etc.

Grammar: Click on part of speech- substantiv, verb, adverb, etc. Type in a verb and see it conjugated

Grammar game for students på Internett - bokmål og nynorsk - games with nouns, verbs, Viking words,
adjectives and adverbs, games with useful phrases, time expressions, and more..... - Correct use of accents, punctuation, common mistakes, etc.

Norsksider - gramatikk, litteratur.

Grammar Books:
Louis Janus' Verbs and Essentials of Grammar;
Enter Louis Janus in Search and find five more books and cassette.

Norwegian, An Essential Grammar, (Strandskogen) +

Book - Norsk Grammatikk by Kristi MacDonald
Exercises from the book: Nouns:
Verbs: more. - (Eng & Nor) Norskklassen. Yahoo email group; very informative aid to learning norsk. Join for free and click
on files to see some Norwegian grammar and useful vocabulary. Contribute emails to the class. -
Norsk Språkrådet/Norwegian Language Council: Skriveregler og grammatikk/Rules of Writing and Grammar.
- Geographical names in Norwegian. - (Eng) Links to dictionaries, grammar, Internet terms. - Free tests. 25 language combinations.
In the English box, Scroll down to, and click Norwegian, and pick from many tests. Eng-Nor
In the Norwegian box, Scroll down to, and click English, and pick from many tests. Nor-Eng - (Eng) Flashcards, word match, concentration, games and exercises. Flashcard practice - Select a category and practice. -Select a
lesson-Useful phrases when meeting or leaving, counting, the weather,
sports, inside the house, etc. with pronunciation guide (no sound)
(Norwegian in five minutes a day)

Nettskole; grammatikk, litteratur, etc.

Nordisk Institutt: Nordisk språk og Litteratur
a Tree of Germanic languages.

Free download language software, BYKI Lite - free trial download; upgrade later to BYKI Deluxe (buy);
1. Norwegian free download - dialogs with native speaker audio, pronunciation practice, etc.
2. Norwegian Byki Deluxe 4 - 2000 words, 500 phrases; native speaker sound, test yourself, etc. click on Norwegian.

Norwegian for Foreigners: an interactive course on CD designed for all those who have a basic
knowledge of Norwegian and who want to improve their spoken Norwegian.

Interlex is a free Windows application that helps you learn vocabulary in a foreign language quickly and easily.
first you compile a list of words and phrases, then you test yourself until you have learned them.

A collection of English/Norwegian idioms, free to download and use! - try the exercises from 'På Vei'; chapter by chapter. - Buy the various 'På Vei' books, workbook, CD's, teacher's book, etc. - Try the exercises from Stein på Stein;
chapter by chapter; must have Flash player (can download from here) - Buy Stein på Stein book, workbook,CD.

Book: "Praktisk norsk" by Kirsti Mac Donald, a workbook.
Norwegian as a second language. Publisher - Cappelen forlag,
190 kroner, 120 pages. for beginners. Short sentences using everyday
vocabulary, illustrations, written exercises with answers.

Språkrådet information on using "i" and "på":

USE of "P" AND "I":


List of abbreviations - Språkrådet:

Words in Context: Type in a word and see it in context; see how it is
used, with words before and words after it. Many languages, including
Norwegian. - Words in categories, matching words to pictures;
Familie og slekt, Ulyyker og sykdom, Matvarer og kjÀkkenutstyr, etc.
- Chart showing the family tree
with terms for relatives. ie. aunt, uncle, cousin,etc. - Vocabulary drills, gives norsk word- then you type in meaning. Keyed to 1997
edition of Margaretha Danbolt Simons' Teach Yourself Norwegian. - Download exercises for learning norsk. - Exercises: use of comma, double letters, expressions,
common misspelled words,etc. Click on Workbook to try the exercises. Write in answers click on 'Rett' to see results. -short vocabulary test - crossword puzzles, start with Easy

Norsk Online interactive drills, tests; using multiple choice - try nettgrammatikk........ - Louis Janus' list of common Norwegian verbs. - A B A K U S: Proverbs, quotations, expressions.
Click on a letter for a person/source (kildene) or a category (kategoriene). - 64,000 articles in Norwegian, daily quotation, crossword help. - Mini crosswords-Norwegian clues/English answers: - (Eng)Proverbs from Norway, but not in Norwegian.

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